La Piola is closed on Sundays and Mondays for weekly rest

The dining room

A tight-knit group, smiling faces, a family atmosphere.

In the dining room

The hall, or rather, the halls of La Piola were designed and desired as a defense unit of the local tradition. Environments that recall the Piedmontese inns, but with a marked contemporary research and the wine as a lasting fil rouge.

While our Chef Dennis Panzeri is busy preparing the dishes of the day in the kitchen with his brigade, in the dining room Andrea Canaparo leads all the team that brings those dishes onto the tables.

Their task is to welcome every person who chooses to spend the time of their meal with us with the same love and affection that is addressed to a family member. They are a tight-knit group, faces that smile at you, hearts that embrace you and hands that offer you a glass of wine or that give you a dish of agnolotti. They are the voices that say “Welcome”.

In the dining room

Andrea Canaparo

Born in S. Stefano Belbo (CN). He attended the hotel school in Barolo in the years 1990/1992. After the school he arrives at the court of Antonio Verro and Claudia Francalanci in their historic restaurant La Contea di Neive where “you make your bones” and learn everything a “piolist“, a host, must know. After a short experience with his bar he has been involved in managing La Piola from 2010. Andrea is the host of our inn.

Enter the world of La Piola, Piazza Duomo***, Ceretto and Relanghe.

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